☕️ Coffee

Life is short! Do you really want to wake up every morning and endure a lame, boring brew? I don't think so!

🎖 Alanzo's Double Dark

The current reigning champ is a Central American blend dark roast from Coffe By Design in Portland, ME. You'll never drink another dark roast again.

Chocolate, Smoky, Roasty
New Orleans Dark Roast

Discovered off-site at a local coffee shop in Biloxi, MS, this flavorful, full-bodied dark roast is available from French Truck Coffee.

Full-bodied, Smoky, Earthy
Guatemalan, Organic

Whoever said good things don't last was right. One of the best brews to grace University of Delaware, Brewed Awakenings' medium roast had it all.

Cinnamon, Raisin, Caramel
Boozer's Brew

One of the better brews in Gulfport, MS, Boozer's house dark roast is flavorfully multidimensional. Unfortunately, you'll have to visit MS to get a sip!

Full-bodied, Oaky, Cinnamon
Velvet Blaze

Summer Moon's (San Antonio, TX) wood-fired coffee roasting process left me wanting. Their house medium roast is bold and smokey, but lacks depth in tasting notes.

Cinnamon, Milky, Sweet Berry
Banana Foster

A flavored coffee for the unflavored coffee drinker. Roasted by the folks at Ocean City Coffee Co of NJ, this is best paired with not-so-sweet treats.

Jamaican Rum, Nuts, Bananas

From the Oaxaca region, this medium roast is a local favorite prepared by the team at Little Goat Coffee in Newark, DE.

Toffee, Orange Peel, Chocolate
Rogue, Organic

La Colombe's coffee shop in Philadelphia, PA is simply iconic; however, their Rogue brew is simply a mediocre medium roast at best.

Cherry, Caramel, Apple
Miguel Guzman

Merit Coffee's house roast boasts a bright, vibrant flavor in their house medium roast. Although bitter, the flavor profile is consistent.

Allspice, Pomegranate, Butterscotch
Bold as Love

Although it may be bold, it certainly isn't lovely. Expect extreme bitterness with Drip Roasting Co's house blend.

Chocolate, Milky, Creamy